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Cruise Ship Turn Key Outfitting

Paint and
Sirio Outfitting Srl is an interior decoration firm capable of high-quality services. It was born in Trieste (Italy) thanks over more than twenty years of experience of the partners in interior furnishing and specialized in turnkey solutions on cruise ship, yachts, luxury hotels and villas. We would like to bring our high-quality professional know-how, production and logistical capabilities, technical project management skills as well as our long experience interacting with various types of suppliers, to this market.
Sirio Safety is the division created in 2020 dedicated to safety and sanitation thanks to the experience and professionalism of our partners.
Sirio offers a global consultancy service that ranges from planning and scheduling to production and fitting. All the works are completed according to the highest creative, technical and production standards, we bring Italian style throughout the world. We are the owners' assistant and partner, assuring constant professional support. Highly skilled project management teams control all phases of the project, ensuring the completion of work on time and within budget.
The company is able to provide a full service in outfitting and services related to:
  • design and design consultancy
  • engineering
  • project development
  • samples board and mock-ups
  • project execution
  • manufacturing
  • installation
  • coordination of subcontractors everywhere it is necessary, Italy or
  • abroad
  • maintenance and repair
Expertise, passion, flexibility and ready-to-go policy are distinguishing us. We take on the role of sole intermediary for the client – we listen, advise, plan and transform ideas into a perfect creation. The work groups are made up of professionals who are used to working together, and are able to solve any problems arising during completion rapidly and efficiently. The project chief follows every production stage in site, remaining in constant contact with the client and enabling every need to be met in real time. This means Sirio offers a serious consultancy service that’s reliable and accurate, provided by a team of expert and passionate professionals who make Sirio’s offer unique, capable of overcoming the daily challenges large projects always present while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Marine Flooring

We make concrete-based underlayments, flooring and solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation, both worldwide and at sea. Our solutions significantly improve comfort on board in passenger vessels, merchant ships and even in offshore installations. We work in phase of construction as for refitting purposes, including the application of surface finishing.
Our wide range includes lightweight concrete underlays, floating floors for airborne noise dumping, viscoelastic materials for the reduction of structural vibrations, polyurethane and epoxy resins for internal/external decks. We supply and lay down coverings like marbles, granites, ceramic tiles, carpets, rubber and vinyl.
Our underlays adhere perfectly at non-porous surfaces, which are constantly stressed by vibrations and torsions of vessels. We mainly use products and glues of our partners, all with IMO MED certifications and high performances; we are also open to apply products of some of the most important companies of the world, depending on the Shipowner’s needs. We work directly with Shipowners and interior designers, with no intermediation.
We always use qualified manpower under the supervision of our partner C&M pose to guarantee impeccable results.
Thanks to our experience we can guarantee excellent results in the realization of resin floors for:
  • resin teak efffect
  • i95
  • jogging truck
  • bilges / wheelhouses
  • cold rooms
  • garbage rooms
  • master station
  • crew corridor
  • cabins
  • any type of painting (shower box, lifeboat, slides, jacuzzi, etc.)
  • marshaling area
  • complete raceway project
  • complete resin teak balcony project
  • public areas (lido, etc.)

Resin and paint solutions

Thanks to our experience and the twenty-year experience of our partners in finishing on board for more than 20 passenger ships of the most prestigious shipping companies, we are able to carry out any type of painting on any material with high quality paints with IMO MED certified cycles.
We have also had great success in the epoxy resin coating for bar counter tops, restaurant tables and any surfaces that requires this treatment, making them compliant with USPHS standards.
With our technical department, the collaboration with the most important manufacturing companies and a skilled labor of the highest level we offer a turnkey service to the customer following his needs step by step.
We can guarantee excellent results in the realization of civil and naval industrial
painting for:
  • painting in general with MED certified cycles
  • wood
  • galvanized steel
  • stainless steel A304-A316
  • application of gold leaf in all sizes and colors
  • epoxy resin coating cycle for bar counter tops - restaurant tables - public areas subject to USPHS control
  • maintenance of ceramic and marble floors and minor repairs
Via del Lazzaretto Vecchio 9 - 34123 Trieste (TS) Italy - P.I. / V.A.T.: IT01277590327
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