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Cruise Ship Turn Key Outfitting

Sirio Outfitting Srl - P.IVA / VAT: 01277590327

Who we are

Sirio is an interior decoration firm capable of high-quality

services. Based in Trieste Italy thanks over more than twenty years of experience of the partners in interior furnishing and specialized in turnkey solutions on cruise ship, yachts, luxury hotels and villas.

We would like to bring our high-quality professional know-how,

production and logistical capabilities, technical project management skills as well as our long experience interacting with various types of suppliers, to this market.

Sirio offers a global consultancy service that ranges from planning and scheduling to production and fitting. All the works are completed according to the highest creative, technical and production standards, we bring Italian style throughout the world. We are the owners' assistant and partner, assuring constant professional support. Highly skilled project management teams control all phases of the project, ensuring the completion of work on time and within budget.

What we do

The company is able to provide a full service in outfitting and services related to:

  • design and design consultancy
  • engineering
  • project development
  • samples board and mock-ups
  • project execution
  • manufacturing
  • installation
  • coordination of subcontractors everywhere it is necessary, USA or abroad
  • maintenance and repair

Expertise, passion, flexibility and ready-to-go policy are distinguishing us. We take on the role of sole intermediary for the client – we listen, advise, plan and transform ideas into a perfect creation.

The work groups are made up of professionals who are used to working together, and are able to solve any problems arising during completion rapidly and efficiently.

The project chief follows every production stage in site, remaining in constant contact with the client and enabling every need to be met in real time.

This means Sirio offers a serious consultancy service that’s reliable and accurate, provided by a team of expert and passionate professionals who make Sirio’s offer unique, capable of overcoming the daily challenges large projects always present while maintaining the highest quality standards


Recent projects

2018 Silver Whisper Dry Dock

2019 Disney Wonder Dry Dock

2019 Carnival Ecstasy Dry Dock

2019 Carnival Imagination Dry Dock

2020 Carnival Sensation Dry Dock

2021 Quark Ultramarine Dry Dock

2021 Silver Moon Navigation

2022 Quark Ultramarine Dry Dock

2022 Grand Classica Margeritaville Dry Dock

2022 Silver Moon Navigation

2022 N/R Laura Bassi Wet Dock

2022 Norwegian Escape Dry Dock

2022 Carnival Celebration Navigation

2023 Carnival Elation Dry Dock

2023 Crystal Serenity Dry Dock

2023 Crystal Symphony Dry Dock

2023 Carnival Celebration Navigation

Study and design of custom elements

Carnival Headboards

Our technical office studies and designs aesthetic and functional solutions to meet customer needs.

As an example for the Carnival CL we proposed a light headboard, installable with Velcro, IMO certified materials and completely antimicrobial.

We have currently supplied approximately 9.000 pieces between 2017 and 2023 and the project is constantly evolving