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Sirio Sanitizing Arch

A compact, full service solution

Sirio Arch was created with the goal of sanitizing through a gentle nebulization of a non toxic liquid.
Sirio Arch sanitizes people and their clothes as well as luggage and goods they enter public areas, work places, bars and restaurants, airports, shops, hotels, hospitals and any other spaces exposed of frequent passage of people, luggage and goods.
This misting system works with an answer rapid activated by a sensor that releases a fine mist at each step.
The mist will cover most of the body surface without creating discomfort or leaving a trace or wet stain on clothes and hair.

effective against
bacteria and viruses  

Sirio Arch Highlights

          • Increase the safety procedure and LABELS the building as “safe”
          • Quick sanitization procedure
          • Easy to install
          • Easy to maintain
          • Total people (entrances) sanitized 800/900 per Load Tank
          • Single sanitization cost about $ 0.15

safe in the presence of people
How it works

When a person walks through it, the system starts automatically.
The person who passes is involved in the nebulization, from feet to head, without being wet.
It works perfectly also for the luggage and can be 100% customized.

Stand, sanitazed and go!

Via del Lazzaretto Vecchio 9 - 34123 Trieste (TS) Italy - P.I. / V.A.T.: 01277590327
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