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Innovative solutions
for high-level functional furniture

Our technical department is able to develop tailor-made items based on the needs of customers with the highest quality and compliance with current regulations, from design to sampling we offer a 360 degree service ... here are some examples of what has been studied and realized in agreement with the managers of some cruise companies

Antimicrobials Headboards

Thanks to the collaboration with Carnival CL we have created a new concept of headboards that guarantee:
  • lightness
  • ease of installation (velcro)
  • ease of cleaning
  • IMO certified materials
  • 100% resistance to microbial attacks
  • 100% customizable

Thousands of these headboards have already been supplied with great customer satisfaction.

Silicone Fabrics

Our Company markets an important innovation in the field of synthetic fabrics and leathers. This silicone fabrics is today the most innovative and high-performance synthetic covering for upholstery on the market because it is composed of 100% SILICONE on a polyester fabric base.

We are proud to have supplied this special leather to one of the largest manufacturers of train seats with great customer and end customer satisfaction.

IMO Certified

These are some of the characteristics that make silicone leather
a must in naval, railway and general furnishings
  • PU and PVC free
  • Ultra low VOCs
  • Recyclable
  • RoHS, REACH, California PROP 65 compliant
  • CAL 01350 compliant
  • Advanced solvent free technology
  • No toxic by-products
  • No formaldehyde, No lead
  • No plasticizers, phthalates, heavy metals, or BPA
  • No harm to air or water
  • Odorless

  • Light fastness – AATCC16.3, 200h, Grade 4.5
  • Crocking – AATCC8, Wet & Dry, Class 5
  • Perspiration – AATCC15, Class 5
Stain Resistance
  • Ink CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Indigo Denim Transfer CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Cooking Oil CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Coffee / Chocolate CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Blood/Urine/Betadine CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Mustard/Wine CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Lipstick CFFA-141, Class 5
  • Permanent Marker CFFA-141, Class 5

Physical Performance
  • Wyzenbeek abrasion, 200,000+ double rubs 1
  • Martindale abrasion, 120,000+ cycles
  • UV stability - ASTM D4329-05(QUV) 1500+h
  • Flex resistance - ASTM D2097-91
  • Hydrolysis resistance - ASTM D3690-02, 14+ weeks
  • Cold crack resistance - 5# roller, CFFA-06
  • Salt spray resistance - ASTM B117, 1000+h
  • Low-temp flex resistance - ISO17694, -30 °C 200000+
1 Multiple factors affect fabric durability and appearance retention, including end-user application and proper maintenance. Wyzenbeek results above 100,000 double rubs have not been shown to be an indicator of increased lifespan.

Bathroom Furniture

We are pleased to offer the cruise ship market this modular system for furnishing crew bathrooms, light and resistant elements which, thanks to their interchangeability, allow the customer to save costs and space.
Each element is independent, made of stainless steel and totally customizable.

Bed Boxes

Stainless steel boxes ready to be placed under or inside the beds of the passenger cabins. Thanks to their modularity and customization, it helps the crew member dedicated to the cabins to save time and guarantee maximum cleanliness and space optimization.

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