Fire Fighting System - SIRIO OUTFITTING SRL

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The new Sirio Fire Fighting System is a system based on the interruption of the fire chain reaction.

Sirio Fire Fighting System is largely requested in yachts and cruise ships applications

How it works:

  • In the oxidation-reduction reaction (causing any type of combustion), free radicals combined with oxygen are the cause of propagation of the reaction
  • Once the extinguisher has been released in the fire area, free radicals combines with aerosol molecules due to the fact aerosol is more responsive than the oxygen
  • In this way radicals combined with aerosol becomes stable and stops the fire chain reaction
  • This extinguishing system clears any possibility of re-ignition of the flame
  • Sirio fire extinguishing system will not modify the oxygen concentration of the environment


  • Oxygen content the environment remains unchanged after aerosol releasing
  • It can fight any fire category, in particular engine rooms and tech areas
  • Non toxic for human being
  • Ozone neutral/safe for the environment
  • Unchanged density for at least 30/40 mn, avoiding any chance of re-ignition
  • Not corrosive for equipment and machinery
  • Easy to install
  • Activation and monitoring via electrical wires
  • Weight and space saver
  • Best extinguishing power
  • Systems and solutions are totally customizable due to the flexibility of the product

  • monthly periodical check (on board crew)
  • annual periodical control (manufacturer)
  • radical control 5 years
  • after installation

Useful life:
  • 7 and a half years

  • RINA
  • Russian Naval Register
  • Russian River Register
  • Chinese Naval Registry

in cooperation with Kaskad

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